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Access to treatments

All consultations require an informed consent for the therapist, through a mandatory completion of a health questionnaire. As a result of the answers given, they can assess contraindications that lead to changes in therapy.

Male and female therapists work at Hamsa in the most diverse of therapies, consultations and massages, in order to treat your health in the best possible way.

Cancellation Policy

Out of consideration for other patients, as your appointment requires the facilities to be reserved, we ask that you give advance notice if you are unable to attend.

Our team will be happy to make a new appointment.
Cancellation must take place 24 hours in advance.


In order to maintain the harmony of the clinic, we ask that you turn off your cell phone. When speaking, use a low, calm tone of voice to preserve the intended atmosphere.
It is also forbidden to consume alcohol and consume heavy food before the appointment.


Late arrival for the appointment will limit the duration of the appointment. Thus limiting the expected satisfaction and benefits.

We are not responsible for your delay, however if the delay is the clinic's responsibility, your appointment will be discounted or we will do it beyond the scheduled time.

Payment methods

At Hamsa Clinic you can pay by bank transfer, in cash, MBWay.

ATM is out of order.

What to wear

It is not necessary to bring specific clothes, we have disposable and comfortable clothes. Shiatsu recommend that you bring comfortable clothing.

It is not allowed to do any therapy, massage or consultation without wearing underwear or disposable clothing.


Packs allow you to make appointments for 365 days for a more attractive price.

Packs are transferable, which means that a purchase of 5 consultations can be offered to several people or just enjoy your own.

We have packs of 3, 5 or 10 sessions, talk to our therapists to find out more. Does not stack with other discounts.

If you do not attend the appointment and do not notify us in advance that you cannot come, the appointment is validated.


Working on the emotional or physical side of each one requires entering a more sensitive plane. We preserve respect and therapist-patient education | patient-therapist, so that together we can solve their pathologies.

We always respect your choices, however we feel free to make any suggestions that might improve your quality of life.


Your privacy will be fully respected in all consultations, so no information will be given to another therapist | patient. You can also consult our privacy policy.

Get ready

We recommend that our patients arrive 10 minutes before each appointment, to settle down peacefully and enjoy the excellent conditions we have to offer.


The Hamsa Clinic is not responsible for missing or stolen valuables.

Talk to us

We always do our best to anticipate your requests, however we know that taking care of your health is something very personal. Please let the therapist know if we can in any way improve your therapy or comfort.

gift voucher

Purchase a gift voucher that will surprise you on every occasion. You can request via web, ctt or in person.

In case of lost voucher or if you forget to bring the voucher with you on the day of the consultation, it can be canceled. Voucher Validity:365 days after purchase.

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